Film Fan

FilmFan, installed at Bearspace, Deptford

Film Fan 1963-1983 is the first collaborative project by artists Katie Goodwin and Alex March, and aims to explore the allure and nostalgia inherent in the analogue medium of super 8 and cine film through the exploration and discovery of domestic archives.

Domestic amateur cine film footage was collated through donation and junk finds, films that may not have been seen in years as these mediums become obsolete. March and Goodwin sat through over three hours of source footage, editing down to just eight minutes. The films are records of family life, often commemorating special occasions or milestones and offer a unique perspective of late 1960s to early 1980s British family life at home and abroad. Film Fan celebrates film by making visible these lost memories, gleaning what would otherwise gather dust in attics and in junk shops as a form of ‘memento-vivere’, and revealing the delights and discoveries of the artists’ journey into these hidden and surprising archives.


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