A Lover’s Discourse

The purpose of this blog is to document a year long correspondence with Roland Barthes’ text, A Lover’s Discourse.

Each week of 2016 I post one new postcard into the virtual postbox and pin it, offered up for the lover’s regard.

Barthes’ text dissects and discusses each element of a love affair, documenting obliquely his own love life, and exploring the literary and philosophical basis for his thoughts on each moment.

A Lover’s Discourse blog

‘The subject imagines himself speaking about the loved being with a rival person, and this image generates and strangely develops in him a pleasure of complicity.’
‘induction / induction The loved being is desired because another or others have shown the subject that such a being is desirable: however particular, amorous desire is discovered by induction.’
‘A friendly figure whose constant role, however, seems to be to wound the amorous subject by “innocently” furnishing commonplace information about the loved being, though the effect of this information is to disturb the subject’s image of that being.’