Torture The Women

Torture The Women (extract) from Alex March on Vimeo.

Torture The Women (The China Cupid) 2013/14, is a five minute short film composed of a series of scenes taken from Hollywood screen tests for Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca. These scenes are digitally re-drawn and re-animated, the text edited and spliced to explore the cultural and literary manipulations of woman as romantic object. The phrase ‘torture the women’ was used by Hitchcock when asked for his advice on how to make a thrilling movie; the film seeks to take and yet subvert his advice, using repetition and digital manipulation to isolate the actress and draw attention to the peculiarities of the script and by extension Du Maurier’s novel and the whole genre. The original footage was gleaned from YouTube, a kind of digital flea-market of junk and gem imagery which blurs the distinction between big screen and the domestic scale.